Why I created mums the heroes

By marianna | January 1, 2016

I was trained as a pharmacist, later I re-trained to in health foods and managed a health food shop.

My first son was born when I was 22, severely injured at birth; I had to learn to be Mum in a most unexpected way, all because the doctor in the delivery room believed in natural birth. Daniel was born with severe head injuries and Erb’s Palsy. Thankfully, the head injuries healed but the Erb’s Palsy will never heal.

I had to learn in all those years to believe in miracles, being strong, flexible, independently thinking, hard working, self learning, self reliant and resilient to the opinions of doctors. Further, I had to learn to develop an inner core, set of believes, from which I could reach into in a most challenging times of my life.

Now that my younger son is 10, and after being the best Mum I could possibly be for both of them, I have aquired the knowledge and courage that I would like to share with you.

All those years, especially the last 10 years I continued to grow as a person, learning from my kids and building up my family to be the way I imagine. I was lucky to find love and my partnership was sometimes challenging, but always rewarding, as the bond grew stronger.

I had to learn about different types of love:

  • Love to your parents
  • Unconditional love to your kids
  • Love to your partner
  • Love and appreciation of your closest friends

Looking back at my life I can see that all is love- and truly love and appreciation - that is all we ever need. For the majority of my life I didn’t love myself. I wasn’t fitting into the image I was shown to be an ideal from the TV.

A Superhero Mum with a sleek hair, size 8 perfect body, eternally youthful, with super successful career, backed up with nannies and cleaners, with the hot and sexy husband and an amazingly clever and super well behaved children.

So I felt deficient, second class, a failure, ashamed of my not as ideal body, far from ideal husband and kids. I was buying the best creams I could afford, tried to create the best home for the kids, years were spent in Parents teachers association, went onto many diets and failed, looked for validation from others, felt insecure, insufficient, tried few businesses on the side, and even felt ashamed to be a full time mum with the younger kids, as its not cool.

So I was looking for the answers. I have read tons of self help books, had lots of deep thoughts, many really deep discussions with my friends. Girlfriends are the Gods save. We are sharing out aspirations, problems with the kids, we validate and accept each other.

What I found is that I never loved or validated myself, now I allow myself to love imperfect me, forgive myself for mistakes I’ve ever made, love myself dreaming big, nourish myself, love my body, appreciate my mind, my aspirations and appreciate my uniqueness.

Forget the TV adverts of how I should look. I want to have my grey hair to colour :-) and my wrinkles to show. I’m proud of my imperfect body:-).

I’m proud to be a mum and I’m already a hero for being one

We are all heroes and the gift we give to the world is priceless, bringing up the next generation of scientists, teachers and world changers to name a few professions.

Mums of all sorts need to be celebrated!

So this site is about Love.

How to be the best in learning how to love yourself and share that amazing feeling with your family and friends. Its about humour, not taking yourself or small mishaps or even large mishaps seriously. It will pass…

This website is about holding on to good times and celebration of all the blessing that we as a Mums have.

I’m thankful to all those who believed in me, who build me up and aspired me.

My deceased parents and grandparents, teachers.

Thank you to all my present girlfriends that have propped me up in my hardest hour and were there for me to build me up. And for new friends.

By lifting each other up- we raise to the top.

Yours Sincerely, Marianna

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